Tumbledown Mountain

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The aptly named Mountain View Cemetery on the Byron Notch Road Brook Trail trailhead The Brook Trail bears right, while an old Tote Road continues to the left Icy trail Frozen falls on Tumbledown Pond Brook Snow speckled boulder Snow and moss Snow filled patterns in the rocks Looking towards the East and North summits of Tumbledown A small patch of open water at the outlet of Tumbledown Pond North Tumbledown from the pond outlet Snow and lichens Nell braces herself in the wind Webb Lake from the "Porch" Looking back at Tumbledown Pond from East Tumbledown Little Jackson and East Tumbledown from the West summit Old graffiti chiseled into the West summit Blue skies finally arrive but another snow squall approaches View down the Loop Trail The junction of the Loop Trail Nellie looks down at Tumbledown Pond and Little Jackson Mt Heading down the Brook Trail A last stop at Mountain View