The Central Mahoosucs

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Start of the Carlo Col Trail on the Success Road The Carlo Col Shelter Crossing into New Hampshire on the AT Mt Success View from Mt Success looking southwest View from Mt Success towards Old Speck, Goose Eye and Carlo Another view of the summit of Mt Success Looking back at the summit of Mt Success View of "The Outlook" from the Mahoosuc Trail North Bald Cap Mtn from the Mahoosuc Trail View from the Gentian Pond Shelter Gentian Pond Nellie and Jan Liteshoe get aquainted Okay, enough socializing! Would somebody throw me a stick? Jan types a dispatch in her Pocketmail We start up the trail towards Maine in the morning Bog bridges of the Mahoosucs So Chief, seen any good sticks? Jan hunts for her gloves, while Chief cracks wise Nell gets a boost "I can smell Maine!" State number 14 and 281.4 miles to go! View from Mount Carlo back towards Mount Washington Chief heads up Goose Eye You want me to go up that? Jan starts up Chief waits patiently "Whatever you do, just don't look down!" Chief nears the top Getting out wind gear on top of Goose Eye View south from Goose Eye Last look north towards Old Speck and Full Goose Shelter