The Kinsmans

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The groups starts out up the Lonesome Lake Trail Seema (aka Sli74), in the sweeper position at the back of pack. Mongoose (right) chats with John during a short break The sun starts to shine through the early morning clouds on the Lonesome Lake Trail Signs at the Cascade Brook and Dodge Cut-off Trails Junction Looking over Lonesome Lake towards the Hut Lonesome Lake looking towards the Cannon Balls Lonesome Lake looking towards the Cannon Balls The (ugly) Lonesome Lake Hut "Don't follow too close!" KenC makes it up and over a steep section of the Fishin Jimmy Trail First views of Franconia Ridge from Fishin Jimmy Trail Looking NE towards the Cannon Balls From left to right - irunhappy, Lizak (aka Blue), John (in back with gray hat), Jaytrek, Sticks, Swampyankee, KenC and Mongoose Sticks, irunhappy and Chris (clg898) near the summit of North Kinsman View north near the summit of North Kinsman The view from the Viewpoint on North Kinsman Franconia Ridge View of Cannon Mountain and Northern Franconia Ridge from North Kinsman Rimed spruce, North Kinsman View of Cannon Mountain from North Kinsman Rime ice on South Kinsman View from South Kinsman Looking south from South Kinsman HikerBob, Mongoose, Sli74 and clg898 on summit of North Kinsman The Appalachian Trail in winter Franconia Ridge from Lonesome Lake Hut