Gros Morne

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Gros Morne rises to 2640 feet in the distance View across Bonne Bay to the Tablelands from the trail. Yes, it is August and that is snow. The Old Crow, a 2100 foot peak south of Gros Morne Nellie pulls me up the trail Boardwalk through a boggy section This boggy area near the base of the mountain is thick with black flies The trail goes up the "Chute" to the right Another view of the Chute. The weather look threatening Dianne and Nellie crossing Gulch Brook Bunchberry in bloom along the trail Dianne about halfway up the Chute We continue to climb Nearing the top and the weather starts to break The view back towards Old Crow We've crossed the lip at the top of the Chute View back towards the mouth of Bonne Bay. We started the hike at sea-level The view towards the summit The view south - the weather continues to improve Felsenmeer fields near the summit Felsenmeer - "Sea of Rocks" At the summit Looking northwest towards the Long Range Mountains Looking north towards Ten Mile Pond At the lookout to Ten Mile Pond Ten Mile Pond, Rocky Harbor Hills and the Gulf of Saint Lawrence in the distance View across the Long Range Mountains Nellie takes a dip in Gulch Pond View of Gros Morne from Gulch Brook Willow ptarmigan and chicks on the trails Mother ptarmagin On the way out Dianne and Nellie relax back at the campground