Boundary and Gosford

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Getting there - under the chain and over the creek After many obstacles, the team is finally ready to begin. Warren and Bob head up the trial The group confers on the wet trial Beaver house adjacent to the trail SherpaKroto leads the charge through the snow Posthole heaven The border swath under threatening skies SwampYankee heads up the swath towards Boundary Peak The rest of the crew follows along Sherpa strolls up the swath Another bounday marker The swath looking north from Boundary Peak Bob celebrates his hundreth Monument #446 Trailhead to Gosford Winter tent on trail to Gosford Arm does him impression of a French Canadian trapper The summit observation tower on Gosford View towards the US from Gosford View southwest from Gosford HarryK, Sli74, Donna, GO and SwampYankee hunker down as it begins to rain The rain rolls in on Gosford View of the Bigelows from Cathedral Pines Campground - tomorrows hike